What is an escape room?

The short story is, an escape room is like a video game where you and your friends/family/coworkers/whoever-you-brought-with-you are the heroes.

Each escape room game has its own theme and objective and typically lasts 60 minutes. Inside the escape room, you and your team hunt for puzzles and clues, which will lead you to more puzzles and clues, which hopefully will lead you to solving the objective of the game before 60 minutes.

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Are escape rooms scary?

Some escape rooms have a scary theme, but most are not scary. All of the games at Inferno Escape Room are NOT scary.

Will we be locked in the room?

Although it's called an "escape room" because when escape rooms first started, players were locked in the room and had to literally "escape," at Inferno Escape Room, you are never locked in the room and you have an objective to achieve.

What are the objectives?

It depends on which room you choose! At Inferno Escape Room, we have 3 game choices: LIT, Inventor's Secret, and Burned Out. In LIT, your objective is to break into your hotel room and piece together what happened last night. In Inventor's Secret, you've got to maneuver through the inventor's lair and stop the device before it explodes. Finally, in our game Burned Out, you have to get revenge on your boss and get your confiscated stuff back before security catches you!

What if we don't know how to solve the puzzles?

Our puzzles are designed to use all types of intelligence, and most importantly communication with your team. If you get stuck, though, just ask your friendly game master for a hint! At Inferno Escape Room, we don't mind giving you unlimited hints to make sure you have a great experience!

How many people can play?

We think you'll have the best time with 4-6 players, although technically you can play with as few as 2 players and as many as 8 players (10 in Burned Out).

How do I play?

Inferno Escape Room is by reservation only, so you'll have to book your game online or by phone/text at (480) 567-0190.

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