ASU Family Weekend 2019: 6 reasons to play at Inferno Escape Room Tempe

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

1. Put down the technology for an entire hour. We won't take your phones away, but we know you won't be looking at them. If you want to win, you'll need to focus your attention on the game! Thats right. The entire family... phones down... for a whole hour. Not convinced? Read on...

2. Communication is key. Communication with your college kids can be...challenging. Playing an escape room will give you a reason for the whole family to communicate, and something to talk about for the rest of the night!

3. Experience the game. Sitting in a dark theater watching an adventure is so 2009. You are the STARS of the show when you play an escape room.

4. Family bonding. There's nothing like a good challenge followed by sweet victory to bring your family together. Whether it's the person who found the first clue to kick off the game, or several people working together to put together the final puzzle with only seconds to spare, at Inferno Escape Room, you'll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

5 . There's something for the whole family. Sometimes Dad has the expert eye for detail, while Mom is the master of organizing the clues. There's always someone in the crew with a knack for word puzzles, and someone else who can put the clues together! No matter what your skill set, everyone in the family plays an important role in an escape room game!

6. Private booking. Yes, you read that right! Inferno Escape Room Tempe is always private booking, which means your family has the entire escape room yourself. Unlike many other escape rooms, you'll never play with strangers!

Ready to play?! We're open by appointment only, and you can book here.

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