Best Escape Rooms AZ: Updated January 2020

So, you've started your search for an escape room to play in Phoenix? We've been there, and we know how overwhelming it can be! As escape room enthusiasts, we've played just about all of the escape games in AZ, and here is a list of our favorites! This list includes what we like about that venue, as well as some logistics such as location, price, and booking type.

If you haven't played an escape room before, let's start with the basics. There are two types of bookings: public and private. Public escape rooms are escape rooms where you may be paired with strangers unless you buy all the tickets for your time slot. On the other hand, private escape rooms are played ONLY with the party you booked with (no strangers!)

Now, let's get started with our favorite escape rooms in Arizona!


Eludesions: Eludesions always WOWs us with their great set design (don't believe us?! These enthusiasts agree in their "Best of Phoenix" blog). In "Mad Hatter's Tea Party," and in "Wicked Witch's Castle", you really feel like you're playing inside the movie.

  • Location: Right of the I-17 and Bell

  • Pricing: $29.95 per person (no booking fee, plus tax)

  • Booking type: public (you may be placed with strangers)

North Valley Escape Room: Their room "Escape Alcatraz" is one of our favorite escape rooms of all time! It is 75 minutes and slightly more expensive than their other games, but you won't be disappointed! The Alcatraz room also requires a minimum of 4 players.

  • Location: Anthem (near I-17 and Anthem Way)

  • Pricing: Varies ($24.95-29.95 per player, no booking fee, plus tax)

  • Booking type: public, but you can upgrade to private for $25

East Valley

Inferno Escape Room: Inferno escape room has the most unique themes in AZ. The LIT game is a hangover escape room, where you have to break into your hotel room and piece together what happened the night before. In Inventor's Secret, you get to explore the nutty inventor's secret office. Finally, in "Burned Out" you have to get revenge on your boss and get back your stuff that he stole!

  • Location: South Scottsdale-Tempe area (University Dr., west of McClintock)

  • Price: $27.75 per player (no booking fee, +tax)

  • Booking type: Private (you won't be paired with strangers)

International Room Escape AZ: International Room Escape are some of the best all-around escape rooms in AZ! They've got great puzzles, detailed set design, and innovative use of technology. In their game "Amazon Rainforest," you are immersed into the story and set design! The other available game "Gravitational Effect" is a great game for sci-fi fans, because you've been abducted by aliens!

  • Location: Gilbert (Near Warner Rd. and Gilbert Rd.)

  • Price: Depends on the number of players, (+2.8% booking fee, +tax)

  • Booking type: Private (you won't be paired with strangers)

Great Room Escape: Formerly known as "MindSpark," these guys have some amazing set design and rooms that are great for large groups (6-12 players). We recommend their "Terminal" room, where you start in a subway car and have to solve the conspiracy with clues from the subway station.

  • Location: Tempe (52nd St. and University)

  • Price: 39.95 per player (+$2.50 booking fee per player, +tax)

  • Booking type: Public (you may be placed with strangers)

West Valley

Escape Westgate: Escape Westgate has the only officially-licensed movie games in Arizona (Terminator 2 and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure).

  • Location: Glendale

  • Pricing: $30.99 (no booking fee, plus tax)

  • Booking type: Public

That's it! Hopefully this list helps you narrow down which escape room you'd like to play in Arizona! Do you have a specific neighborhood you'd like to play in? We've also written "Best of" escape room lists for Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the East Valley. We also recommend this more in-depth list by our favorite enthusiast duo Team Bluefish.

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