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As enthusiasts ourselves, we know you don't need to know, "What is an escape room?". So here ya go... the stuff you want to know in the format that you want it.

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Get to it then, are you public or private booking?

We just said we're enthusiasts! Of course we're private booking.  

Can we play with just 2 of us? 

Physically, yes. All of our rooms are puzzle-dense, but all can be physically done with 2. We do ask for a 3 player minimum on the weekends because... rent! :) 

What about just 1 of us? 

It has been done. Call or text us and use secret code word, "black lights." We'll know what you mean. Inventor's Secret will require some ghost teamwork from a game master. 

We love set immersion! Which game should we play? 

Inventor's Secret! It's our most immersive set design. 

We love puzzles! Which game should we play? 

LIT. Always LIT. 

Do you offer discounts for doing all 3 rooms in one day? 

Yes. Discounts and high fives. Lots of high fives. And probably extensive social media shout outs. Use promo code ALLTHREETAKE10

Are your games linear? 

All of our games have some non-linear game flow. Trust us, you won't be bored. 

What are your difficulty levels? 

We can confidently say these are some of the most puzzle-dense rooms in AZ. Of course difficulty is subjective, but Inventor's Secret tends to focus more on language/math intelligence, LIT puzzles are more problem-solving and creativity, and Burned Out is a grab bag! We don't keep track of our success rates or room records, but enthusiasts tend to finish the rooms in 40-50 minutes. 

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