Inventor's Secret: The eccentric inventor has left his estate in your hands. Can you discover his secret?! 

2-8 players


LIT - Halloween:  It's Costume Party time! Last night was a blast and now you can't remember who won the Costume Contest, let alone anything else that happened.  Use the clues to recreate the night and find what your friends left behind for you!

3-10 players


Minimum ticket purchase, Appointments required. 

Best Tempe Escape Room

5 star-rated escape room on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor

Flexible start times sometimes available, call or text (480) 567-0190

Pin to 1415 East University Drive

University Drive, just west of McClintock


“As someone who works at an escape room and has done 60+ rooms, LIT easily makes my top 5 [...] There were numerous moments that made me giggle, and a surprising amount of originality that I genuinely appreciated!” 


—  Bridgette, Google Review


What is Inferno Escape Room?

 It's a live action game and YOU'RE the hero! You’ll have to use teamwork and communication to solve clues and puzzles  before 60 minutes is up. Each room has its own theme and objective.

Will there be other people in the room with us? 

You'll never be placed with strangers in your escape room at Inferno (unlike most other escape rooms)! You lucky devils.

Will this be scary? 

No! Escape rooms are all about having a fun experience with friends and family. Inferno games aren't scary, and you're never locked in the room. 

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